Free applications with one billion or more downloads

These are the Google Play apps with over one billion downloads on unique devices. As of October 8, 2015, there were 16 applications to make it into this top category; all are owned either by Google or Facebook.

App Developer Date Reached Category
Google Play Services Google 2014-01-29 Tools
Gmail Google 2014-05-06 Communication
Google Maps Google 2014-05-28 Travel & Local
YouTube Google 2014-07 Media & Video
Facebook Facebook 2014-09-02 Social
Google Hangouts Google 2015-06-14 Communication
Google Search Google 2014-12-08 Tools
Google+ Google 2015-01-06 Social
WhatsApp Messenger Facebook 2015-03-04 Communication
Google Text-to-Speech Google 2015-03-27 Tools
Google Play Books Google 2015-06-02 Books & Reference
Messenger Facebook 2015-06-06 Communication
Google Chrome Google 2015-06-14 Communication
Google Play Games Google 2015-08-12 Entertainment
Google Play Music Google 2015-08-20 Music & Audio
Google Drive Google 2015-10-08 Productivity
Instagram Facebook 2016-08-22 Social

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