Personal Finance & Employment

Combine your work with your hobbies. In so doing you won’t spend extra money and time attending to you hobbies after your work. For instance, if you like gym, you can get a job as a gym instuctor or a job in construction industry which allows you to be physically active and avoid the gym fees and extra time going to gym. Similarly, if your hobby is eating and cooking, then try to get a job in a restaurant,  even as volunteer. This way you won’t spend extra money and time cooking at home.

Secondly, in order to cut down on transportation cost going to work,  get a job very close to your home or if posible you can even work from home, more especially if your job is internet based.

Thirdly, get a job very close to City Center if posible. By so doing, you can go to work, do you shopping, visit your GP during lunch time and even do you school runs comfortable without any extra cost and time.

Fourthly, if your job doesn’t really requires a car, their is no need of maintening one. Check out what you can save if don’t have a car. You are saving a car insurance fee, a car park permit fee, congestion charges, if you are going through the city and other unplanned expenses. For instance if you are work in Central London, and you are coming from zone 4, their is no need of keeping a car because of your job as it is more economical to go by London Underground train.